Tiana & Harry – Maternity

What a beautiful afternoon spent with such beautiful neighbours!  Tiana and Harry asked me to take their maternity photos about two months before she was due, but we only managed to meet two weeks before the birth of their first child.  I had a good laugh meeting Tiana because up until our appointment, we had really only corresponded by e-mail.  She was pleasantly surprised to know that “Jamie” was a female photographer, and, like many other female clients of mine, was relieved because she felt more comfortable having a “girl” take her pictures at such a sensitive time in her life.

During the shoot, I learned that parents-to-be recently had a baby shower, and presented me with their cake toppers – a baby figurine, and sugar cubes spelling their future son’s name: Donovan.  They made for really great props despite baby kicking once in a while.

There is something to be said for a maternity glow, but Tiana’s natural radiance made photographing her very easy.  In a similar vein, mother nature was definitely in favour of the shoot because it was clear skies and romantic sunsets for these two (or three rather!).  Despite being so close to the due date, Tiana and Harry were very calm – and very romantic.  These two are going to make incredible parents, I have no doubts about this.  We had a great time and I am so lucky to have met them, and make new friends in my new neighbourhood.  Congratulations you guys, I truly can’t wait to meet him!

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