Rohan, Natasha, Maya, and Jada – Family | Kortright Centre Vaughan

What a great way to spend Canadian thanksgiving!  Meet the Rohan, Natasha, and their two adorable daughters, Maya and Jada.  I have known Natasha for a couple of years now, and was excited at the opportunity to do their family portraits, especially knowing how fun the girls can be.  Autumn is also my favourite season, because the colours on the trees are breathtaking, so I knew I was in for a great day!

If there’s one thing I am reminded of when photographing children, it’s that you have to be very creative with them.  And boy have I become creative over the years!  I would have to say that the best images come at the least expected moments – when you really see personalities shine.  I learned very quickly that Maya was the sweetheart, who often gave me genuine smiles, and baby Jada was the firecracker, who would sparkle for the shoot on her own terms.  Her personality made for very entertaining candids.  With the help of both parents, I was able to capture full family portraits, and everything in between, during our scenic hike in Vaughan.  The day was full of happy smiles, colourful boots, bridge-crossing,  tossing leaves, and most importantly, snack breaks!  The forest surroundings were inspiring, and quite often, the girls would stand with their arms wide out and say “look at me!  I’m a tree!”.  At the end of it, the girls made a tree out of me, covering my hat in leaves!  I am truly fond of this family, and have such wonderful memories of this day.

Happy  thanksgiving everyone!  And just for fun…

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