Misa – Newborn

What a blast from the past!  I was contacted earlier this summer to photograph for Muriele and Mart, Mart being someone I knew from high school.  Why?  To welcome their first baby, Misa! Her name means “beautiful bloom” in Japanese, and it certainly fits her!  Being an avid gardener, I was touched to be photographing such a pretty flower.  I was also graced with the presence of Misa’s uncle, Jorge, who I also knew from high school.  As you can see, he played the role of “uncle lion” during the session.

Seeing them made me realize how much time has gone by, and how much we’ve all grown up.  And to think, we all started as such tiny little things as Misa!  It’s incredible, this miracle we call life.  The more I do this, the greater my appreciation for it becomes.

Congratulations Muriele and Mart, and see you all this fall!

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