Juliana – Newborn

All cuddles and smiles here.  Meet Juliana, the daughter of my super silly friends Natalie and Joe.  I got an excited email from mama the day after new year saying “I’m on another level!  We had the baby today!”, and immediately burst out laughing.  I adore messages and texts like these.  What a great honour it is for me to be one of the first few people to know of a baby’s arrival.  I’m humbled every time.

So Juliana arrived earlier than expected, and we even held her session well before her actual due date.  At day 14, she was only at 5 pounds.  I rarely photograph newborns this small, but when I do, it’s magic!   She smiled so much during her session, and was so easy to pose.  Now, if you look closely, you’ll even catch her winking at you.  I wonder where she got her sense of humour from?  I am convinced that this baby is going to be a silly little girl.  Welcome little princess.  Your smile is going to change the world!

Jamie Lucas Images Toronto Newborn Photographer

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