Ask Jamie



How soon should I book?

The sooner you know you’d like to book the better.  This ensures an appointment, provides us plenty of preparation time, and helps you lock in the current photography rates.

How many photographers will there be?

For major events like weddings, there will always be two photographers. Otherwise, it’s just me.

Your atelier, or my boudoir?

Some people feel more comfortable holding more intimate shoots like boudoir and maternity, in the comfort of their home, while others prefer the studio setting. The choice is completely up to you. What matters is that you are comfortable and have a great time.

I saw these photos on pinterest that I really love.  Can you take the same photos?

I will always work with you before any session to get an idea of your style of photography, either at our first meeting, or through an over the phone consultation.  I will do my best to understand what’s important to you and your photography, but I would rather create images that are unique to you, that will inspire others down the road!  So let’s work together to create personalized images that you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Is there password protection to my online gallery?

Most definitely. I do like to blog about my work, but I would never publish your photos to the general public unless I have your permission.

I have an upcoming shower/anniversary/birthday/event.  How can I buy a package as a present?

I do offer gift cards that can be used towards my photography or print services.  Online ordering and gift registries will also be coming soon!  These are great for bridal or baby showers, Valentine’s day, anniversaries, birthdays, and almost any occasion that calls for capturing memories!  Just let the celebrant get in touch with me to book their shoot, once they receive their gift certificate.

How long does it take to get my digital images?  Can I print them as well?

This depends on the type of session, and whether any printing is involved.  Generally, for smaller shoots where you have opted for purely digital images (no prints), you would get them around 2-3 weeks afterwards, and yes, they are printable!

For major events where prints are involved, I aim to have proofs to you as early as 3 weeks after so that you to may select the photos you’d like for printing.  Timeframes for photo books, canvas prints, and other printed material vary as they all involve editing, ordering, and shipping time. You will however receive the final copy of your high-resultion images (edited and unedited) when you receive your prints.



What should I bring with me to the maternity/newborn session?  How do I prepare?

I will send you my complete Belly & Baby Guide once your appointments are secured, and is packed with information to help you prepare for your photo sessions.

When is the best time to photograph my bump?

I generally find that maternity photography can be done most comfortably between weeks 32-36, but can still safely be done up to week 38.  The most important factor is that mama is comfortable, and while the belly is nice and round, should still have energy for a 1.5 hour photo shoot.  I strongly recommend an outdoor session when the weather permits, however, if you are more interested in a studio session instead, we can make that happen.

Jamie Lucas Images Toronto Newborn Photographer

When is the best time to photograph my baby?

Any time during the day, when the studio gets some natural light, will work best so that they are already exposed to the bright ambience.  I do use a studio flash when I know baby isn’t bothered by it, so that I can control the lighting on the face.  I have found that they do not startle baby when they are going off because they are on low settings and are very short.  Timing plays a major role in the success of a newborn shoot.  I strongly encourage newborn shoots to happen within the first 14 days of life (usually day 7 to day 11 is best) as babies are easier to pose, and sleep for longer periods of time. Additionally, I request that very young siblings be accompanied with another adult if they are to be present on set, especially since I like to get mommy or daddy involved in posing and spotting baby.

When is the best time to feed baby?

I invite parents to arrive 15 minutes before their session starts to get baby into their first look and feed just before they are placed in their first scene, to ensure they have a full belly  and are sleepy and happy.  The longer baby is asleep, the more posed photos I am able to take.

Is there a difference between breastfeeding and formula for newborn photography?

Your breastfeeding diet can make or break your session!  While I do have gripe water on hand, it is best to avoid upsetting baby’s stomach completely, and make the most of your photography session.  I received a free breastfeeding guide from my own doctor which can be downloaded here as a starting point, but please consult with your own physician on a healthy diet that’s specific to your needs, that won’t upset baby’s tummy and interfere with your photography session.

Some parents choose to use formula on set because it is “heavier” and makes baby sleep more deeply, but this is a personal choice, and your physician should be consulted before switching from breast milk to formula.

Jamie Lucas Images Toronto Newborn Photographer

At home or in studio?

For newborn photography sessions, I work with many props, backdrops, and other tools, so to make the most of my professional equipment and ensure quality in your photos, my life photography packages and rates are for in-studio sessions in Willowdale.  There is an additional charge for sessions outside of my studio, and I will always try my best to make the most of what is available on location.


The rest of the family wants to be part of the shoot, is this possible?

That’s totally understandable if the family wants to take a few group shots with baby. Come with your ideas, or send me an e-mail in advance to let me know what you’d like to do.  Just remember though, the focus of a newborn session is really on baby.

Do you have baby props and/or costumes?

You can come to your maternity/newborn session with no props our outfits, and I will take care of you!  My collection of fabrics and outfits for pregnancy photography is constantly growing!  More details will be provided in my Belly & Baby Guide once your session is officially booked.

I have plenty of props and costumes that can be used for both baby girls and boys, however, many parents have sentimental baby toys or items that they are welcome to bring to the shoot. So come with your hats, bins, booties, boxes, blankies, and we’ll have some creative fun. The more customized the setup is, the more memorable the images will be!

How long does it take to receive my birth announcements?

I aim to have the birth announcements delivered to you 1-2 weeks after the final design receives your blessing. And yes, they come with envelopes!

I am considering a newborn session at the moment.  Can I upgrade to the baby plan later on?

Absolutely!  I would simply charge you the difference between the photography packages based on the rate at the time of the new booking.

I want cake smash photos for my baby’s first birthday party.  When should I book my shoot?

If you plan to make prints or photo books to use at the birthday party, I recommend doing the shoot at least 6 weeks in advance.  Please make sure to book early to secure your appointment.


I’m a little nervous for my boudoir shoot, can I bring a friend?

Totally! I completely understand, and sometimes having a friend on site will put you at ease. Just remind yourself that this will be a confidence-boosting experience, and that it will be a lot of fun!  I hope to meet you and see your boudoir (if that is your location of choice) before the actual shoot as well, so that you and I are both in a comfortable place.

I want this to be a surprise for my significant other and I can’t use my home for this shoot.  How can I keep this a surprise?

You always have the option of holding your shoot in my studio, which involves using equipment, props, and furniture that I have on-site.  I do find that you’re more comfortable in a natural bedroom setting, but surprises are great for Valentine’s day, anniversaries, and special occasions so I completely understand!


Weddings and Major Events

What are your rates?

My wedding packages start at $2800 in the Greater Toronto Area for 2 photographers, an engagement session, a gift registry, and are loaded with lots of other goodies.  Please contact me for complete wedding photography information.

Do you offer videography in your packages?

Not personally, but a collaboration with a highly recommended videography team is in the works, so that we are able to offer packages at a discounted rate when our services are booked together.   Super exciting to add videography to the roster!  Please contact me directly if you are interested.

How do I share my photos with family and friends after the event?

Included in every photography package are gallery cards for your wedding reception.  These cards will be available to your guests at your event, and will contain the link to your private online gallery, along with a password. If you booked an engagement session with me, I can use your favourite photo(s) on these cards so they are truly customized for your event.

Do you offer photo booth rentals as part of your package?

Indeed! Please visit my sister company, Shutter Box Mobile Photo Booths, for information about my photo booth. Discounts are available with wedding packages.

Jamie Lucas Images Toronto Wedding Photographer